Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ten Years

On October the ninth Matt and I arrived at our ten year anniversary! We had planned to have a babysitter come and to go out on a date. That plan changed, however, when sweet Abbie Joy came down with fever. Mama ended up at the pediatrician's office instead. Well, that did not stop us from celebrating no matter how humble the celebration. I went out and picked up food from our favorite Italian restaurant while Matt set a very pretty table with our china and put the kids to bed. We are not sure where the last ten years have gone, but we do know that the Lord has been faithful and very good to us. We are excited about the years to come.

Abbie Joy Eleven Months

This is very late, but Abbie Joy turned eleven months on October the eleventh. She is taking a few steps now and is full of personality. She likes to scream and babble really loud; I guess the poor thing feels that is the only way she will be heard. She laughs a lot and tries so hard to be one of the kids. One of her favorite things is going in the back yard and swinging in the baby swing. She also likes to get in the Little Tikes car and have Lauren push her around. We all enjoy her so much.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 2nd Finally Arrived!

Annagrace just turned three on October the second. She has been waiting and waiting ever since Lauren and Gabriel had their big party last spring. When they had a party at Inflatable Zone she started asking when it would be her birthday. We told her that her birthday is October the second. She memorized that date and has been reminding us for months now. So, the anticipation was high and it was very exciting to see her revel in the joy of her big day. It blows my mind that she is already three. It seems like I just had her. Annagrace has a very sweet way about her and displays compassion towards others. We are incredibly blessed to have her in our family.