Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Little Things

Valentine Roses From Matt

Sister Kisses

I came across this quote the other day and it really resonated with me.
"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things."

So, here are some of the "little things" in my life that one day
will be remembered
as the "BIG THINGS."

Baby Funniness
Baby Toes
Flowers for Mama

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Birthday Time!

March is birthday time in our household
following on the heels of Daddy's birthday which
comes in late February. This year we had a jumping party at Inflatable Zone. We had a bouncy good time. We had a similar party for Lauren and
Gabriel when they were turning four and two.
How the time has flown. This time around
Lauren turned eight and Gabriel is turning six on Friday. Four years just went by like a flash.
Our party had the themes of Barbie Ballerina and Transformers. We are thankful for all the
special people who celebrated with us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Four Months!

Sweet Abbie Joy is four months old today. She is now turning over and babbling a lot. She will converse with us in her baby jibber jabber which is adorable. She loves her pacifier, but if it is not handy she sucks on her fingers. She also pulls her bib up to her mouth and chews on it. I have to say she is a chubby bundle of cuteness and such a gift from the Lord. She was by far my most difficult pregnancy, but she is worth every minute of the pregnancy. :) God's gifts are always good, and we praise Him for Abbie Joy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Lollipop Is Eight Years Old!!!

How can it be that my firstborn is eight years old??? Lauren had a special birthday with her family yesterday. It really dawned on me how much she is growing up when I put eight candles on the cake. I am very thankful for the pure, sweet, sincere heart Lauren has. She is blossoming into a helpful and wise young lady. I was touched by her kindness yesterday when she emptied the dishwasher on her own without being asked. She just took the initiative and on her birthday!!! The Lord has given her a very sincere heart and much wisdom about the truth of His Word. Lauren is truly a blessing to our family, and we thank the Lord for giving her to us.

Last Thursday night we took Annagrace for a haircut. She was so excited! We had to leave and come back in half an hour, and you would have thought her world had collapsed. She was so excited to get all prettied up. When we returned she sat in the chair with a straight face the whole time. It was hysterical how serious she was about it. Afterwards the hair dresser braided a strand and put a pretty purple bow in it. I think Annagrace felt very pretty, but her favorite part of all was the lollipop she was given at the end.