Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life is super busy these days, and time is flying incredibly fast. Here I am posting a picture of me with Lauren when she was around Lilly Faith's size. She is wearing a yellow raincoat. I am also posting two pictures of Lilly Faith wearing that same rain coat last Sunday. Wow! Lauren is now eleven and Lilly Faith just turned two. Amazing that so much time has passed since we bought that little coat.

My Baby is Two

Today she turned two. Where has the time gone? Her big sister decorated the dining room with a farm theme, and she was so cute blowing out the candles. She has seen her older siblings blow out candles, and knew what to do. So cute! At two she loves baby dolls, balls, and looking at books. She also LOVES to sing. She and the three year old sing all the time. "Jesus Loves Me" is a favorite as well as the "Gloria Patri." I sing that to her every night at bedtime, and at two you can find her singing it to her dolls. She still loves her pacis. She calls them duckies, because one of her pacis has a duck hanging from it. Happy Birthday to my sweet Lilly Faith.