Monday, August 1, 2011

THSC Conference

This picture was taken on Lilly Faith's first birthday. This post, however, is about the wonderful weekend I enjoyed at the THSC Homeschool Convention in the Woodlands this past weekend. I was able to go with some friends and soak up hours of listening to great speakers. I was encouraged and inspired especially by the sessions with Sally Clarkson. I feel like the Lord has been impressing upon my heart that the most important thing I can be teaching my children is His truth. Yes, the academics are important, however, we must not idolize academics and slack off in teaching His truth above all things. The Scripture says that the "Fear of the Lord brings wisdom and understanding." When we seek Him first, "All these other things shall be added as well." Many things were said at the conference that affirmed me in what I have been feeling the Lord leading our family in. I thought I would just share from some of my notes on random things. Maybe something will be an encouragement to someone out there as well.

This verse was shared a couple of times and really ministered encouragement to this weary Mama's soul.
"For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward Him." II Chronicles 16:9 Don't you just love that phrase STRONG SUPPORT? What an encouragement. I know I am not enough in and of myself, but with the strong support of the Lord I can do what He has called me to do. That leads to the next quote I want to share.
Sally Clarkson said, "You plus God are enough." It is easy to get distracted from where the focus should be and put my reliance on the wrong things be it the "perfect curriculum" or whatever I think I need. The truth is that my whole reliance should be on the Lord. He wants to teach my children through me, but I have to be an empty willing vessel. He may use a great curriculum as a "tool" to help us, but it is not the curriculum I rely upon. It is the strong support of the Lord.
Along similar lines Sally also said, "A normal person who partners with the living God can produce amazing children who can do incredible things for the kingdom of God."
Oh, and I loved this too! Sally Clarkson said, "As Americans we want our children to be HAPPY, but God wants them to be HOLY." How TRUE!!! How often do I hear mothers talking about a vision to raise Godly children who walk in holiness? How often do I hear mothers talking about raising children who will impact society for the Kingdom of God? Sadly, not very often. What I do hear is all about what they want to provide materially, educationally, and opportunity wise. You know the mother who is stressing over getting her six month old into the perfect extra curricular activity so little tot can socialize. Sally said, "You have ONE opportunity to raise a Godly family to impact the world for God's glory." Raising children is kingdom work.
Andrew Pudewa said that the three areas of education that they chose to focus on in their family are Character, Knowledge and skills. Love that he put character first! He said to "Cultivate wisdom and virtue. Fill the child's souls with goodness, truth and beauty. When considering curriculum ask yourself, "Does this curriculum help fulfill these goals?"
Going back to Sally Clarkson she said, "Whatever God has poured into your cup if you accept and embrace it your cup is your way of worshipping God and bringing glory to Him." Awww, I need to hear that.
She also said, "Working in rhythm helps get things done." I find that very true. Strict schedules have never worked for our family, however, a rhythm or flow to our day helps keep things on track.
Well, there is sooooo much more I could share. That just scratches the surface of the many wonderful things I took in this past weekend. I want to add that it was all possible because my loving husband stayed home and watched the children while I went and recharged. Let me just remind you that he watched FIVE children for three days. What a Super Man! I really love him.