Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Month To One Year! Happy Birthday Abigail Joy!

Abbie Joy had her first birthday. If you scroll through the posts below you can see how she has changed each month over her first year. You may have to click on older posts once you get to the end of the first page, but they should all be there ending with her bday party pictures. This year has flown by, and she is such a JOY to our family.

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

What a Cute Strawberry!

Eleven Months

I just love that smile!

Abigail is One Year's Old!

Abbie Joy turned one on November the eleventh. The kids and I took her to Memorial City Mall during the day and rode the carousel. We had a little party with Daddy after he came home from work. At one she is walking and almost running and keeps us all laughing. She is a real little ham. She says Mama and Da-Da and babbles really loud. I want to post monthly pictures I took of her during her first year. I will do that in separate posts. If you scroll through you can see how she has grown.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ten Years of Marriage and Ten Things I Love About Being Married to Matt

As I shared in the last post, October the ninth marked our ten year wedding anniversary. We did not get to go anywhere that weekend, however, the next weekend we were able to drive to South Padre Island. We went to attend a Family Life Weekend to Remember. It was a fabulous conference sharing Biblical truth for marriage. We felt so encouraged to see where the Lord has brought us over the past ten years and to see what He may want to do through us in the years to come. We were reminded that the Lord brought us together not just for our own happiness but also to use us as a team to impact His kingdom. The Lord brought us together and has given us children that He might use our family to reflect Him. I will also say that marriage and children are also ways the Lord matures us and prunes us of selfishness. :) Anyway, hopefully my point is being made here. Often times people get married purely for their own happiness, but God has a much, much bigger plan in mind. You see He knew that Matt has gaps, and I have gaps. When we join as a team we fill each other's gaps and can do more together than alone. Of course joy and happiness are gifts from the Lord that He gives us through our spouses, but sometimes marriage is hard work and takes commitment to the purposes and plans God has for our lives. It was good to reflect upon ten years of marriage and see God's faithfulness as we talked about our vision and goals for the future. So, that just skims the surface of the great things we took away from the conference, however, my real motive in writing this post is to post ten things I love about being married to Matt. One for each year of our marriage. I'm not posting in any certain order but just as some things come to mind. One of the things the conference spoke to me on is how much of a ministry wives have to their husbands in honoring, respecting, and encouraging them. My list of ten things is one way I want to honor my husband for all He does for me and our children. I love you, Matt!

1. Matt is a man who Loves God and studies to keep growing and learning more. I love it that we can talk about what we are learning and spur one another on.

2. Matt is nurturing, affectionate, and caring towards me.

3. Matt is a good daddy and plays well with the children.

4. Matt has a servant's heart and helps me a LOT around the house and with the children.

5. Matt works hard and is dependable.

6. Matt is fun loving.

7. Matt is teachable. He studies and is always trying to continue learning. He is a lifelong learner.

8. I love Matt's blue eyes.

9. I love how Matt is still a gentleman towards me and takes good care of me. I love the way he leads our family selflessly. He is always willing to do anything that needs to be done.

10. I love how Matt talks to me. Sometimes the sweetest times are simple things like talking on the front porch eating ice cream.

I guess I could publish a book if I kept going with this list. Can you tell I love my husband and am so very thankful for him? Thank you, Matt for all you are and all you do. You are the best.