Monday, November 13, 2017

Legacy Reflections of A Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama

Happy Monday, Friends. We had a full weekend and are enjoying slowing the pace a bit and being home today.  One reason I have not written at the blog much in the past years is because I was busy writing a book.  My husband encouraged me to write this book, and without his encouragement it would have never come to completion.  It took me over three years, but this past summer we saw the book finally put into print.  

  In the book I share my gratitude for the christian legacy my parents gave to me, and I also share my heart to pass that same heritage on to my own seven children.  Additionally I talk about observations I have made as I have watched the homeschooling movement explode from its pioneer beginnings to the huge group of people home educating today.

I had the opportunity to take the book to the FORGE (Families Obediently Restoring Godly Education) conference in Kerville, TX, and I loved talking to all the sweet families who came to my booth.

  My first proof book arrived while the children and I were in Ohio this last summer.  It was fun to take it out to our little garden area and take pictures together.

If you are looking for encouragement in home education and home discipleship and would like to hear the perspectives of someone who has observed homeschool culture for almost four decades, I invite you to read my book "Legacy Reflections of a Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama" as I will share with you from my own past and the many things the Lord is teaching me along the journey.  Several readers have commented that they felt like they were sitting and having a chat with me.  That thrills my heart as I very much wanted the book to come across as sharing from one Mama's heart to another Mama's heart.  

You can find the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million, and I also have copies if you are local.  Please pray with me that the Lord will use this book for His kingdom purposes.  I want Him to be glorified and for the hearts of tired Mamas to be encouraged.  Raising children to the glory of God is such an important ministry.  The ministry of motherhood is so needed in today's culture.  Blessings, my friends!  

"Legacy.  I think it is a beautiful word when referring to something of eternal value passed down from one generation to another."  - Ruth Adams


  1. what a wonderful gift you've given to her and to your children!

  2. Congratulations! That is wonderful!!

    1. Thank you; I continue to pray that the Lord will be glorified through the book.

    2. This post is going to be our December feature at the Love to Learn Linky party; Congrats! And thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Oh wow! That's So exciting! Congrats on your book!