Friday, December 31, 2010

The Van

Here is an exterior picture of our new "BUS." We are LOVING the van. Our previous suburban had benches in the back, so it was hard to get everyone situated especially in the rear bench. There was no middle or side aisle for accessing the back row. The van, on the other hand, has a side row, and I can get to the back if I need to.

Today we took a family outing to the local garden centers. Daddy hitched up the trailor, and we loaded the family and took off. As we neared our destination we explained to the children how our family needs to reflect Christ by operating as a well functioning family. We explained that we would need to walk as a family unit and with cooperation through the garden center. We would be careful to not all be talking at once, and we would try to honor our Lord by our behavior. Lauren was given the task of pushing Abbie Joy, in the umbrella stroller, and I carried Lilly Faith in the sling.
We were blessed to get our purchases at eighty percent off; what a savings! The kids did super well. The lady at the check out complimented them by telling them that, "They were the best behaved children to ever come through there." We affirmed their valiant effort to be obedient and glorify the Lord.
We then went to Whataburger for lunch. We got LOTS of stares as we parked our big "BUS" which was carrying a trailer of plants, filed five kids into the Whataburger and took them all to the bathroom. We felt like EVERY EYE was upon us. We could feel the stares. :) I think we were really an unusual sight, but we had a blast. We told the children we think we might be nearing the time that we could consider a long family road trip. I think it just might be doable with the new van.

I love this sweet picture of Lauren with the plants. She LOVES nature and the great outdoors. We bought her her own Crepe Mirtle tree as she is going to have her own flower garden towards the back of our property. She is super excited, and I am looking forward to seeing her creativity.

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