Wednesday, March 9, 2011

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

As I said in my last post, the Lord gave us an unexpected opportunity to create some family memories. Due to the bat invasion, we decided to evacuate our home for five days. The question was, "Where to go?" Well, Daddy was already planning on leaving for a conference in San Antonio. We decided to just go with him. All seven of us were crammed in one hotel room, but we brought sleeping bags and made it work. The children and I spent one day at the zoo and one day at the botanical gardens. The gardens were so much fun! It was beautiful, and spring had not yet arrived. I would love to go back and see the beauty in the spring time. We had fun going on a nature trail, walking through different sorts of gardens and habitats, etc. There was even a log cabin along a nature trail. It was really fun. After all the walking we had lunch in their lunch room and then visited the gift shop.
I am not one who has experience going into an unfamiliar city and driving around. The Lord took care of everything, however, as Matt had just recently discovered my GPS on my phone. I was able to type in zoo or botanical gardens and have step by step directions.
After three nights in San Antonio we drove back to our home, met the bat people so they could treat the house, and then drove to East Tx for two more nights away from home. We were up and down the road, and let me just remind you that none of this was planned for. The Lord really carried us through all of the last minute decision making, packing, and even sustaining me in health as I was still recovering from the flu. His grace is sufficient in time of need.
Yesterday Lauren even wistfully said how she was missing San Antonio. We will have sweet memories of our unplanned for vacation. :)

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