Monday, May 9, 2011

A Homeschooling Moment

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise; homeschooling is HARD work. It has to be the most difficult job I've ever had but also incredibly rewarding. The Lord is gracious to give moments of joy when I see glimpses of fruit from what I am laboring to do day in and day out. My goals in homeschooling are far more than academic goals. I see being at home with my children and teaching them God's Word as my mission field. It is the place of ministry where the Lord has put me. Most moments call for faithfulness in my calling and are not warm and fuzzy. However, the Lord is good to give me encouragement and joy as I stay on the path of His calling for me. I will share that the longer I journey this path the more I am totally convinced I would have it no other way. I do love the privilege of spending time with my children and seeing the ordinary through their eyes day in and day out. I am learning so much through them. My character is being pruned and shaped, and I think it is often more for my sanctification than anything. Well, here is one of those ahh moments when the children were all lined up totally engrossed in a lesson with NO fighting or squabbling and no bad attitudes. You would think they were perfect little scholars. ;) I had them watching an art lesson on drawing dinosaurs. Look at the smile on Lauren's face.

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