Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thoughts on Christmas

Merry Christmas, All! I thought I would share a few links that really grabbed my attention. This first one distresses me so much. What ever happened to good old fashioned baby dolls? When did girls start wanting to be divas instead of ladies?

The next link has some profound things to say about preparing our hearts for Christmas. This blog is written by Ann Voskamp, author of "One Thousand Gifts" By the way, if you have not read that book you need to! Her book has REALLLY challenged me; it is so good I am reading it through a second time. Anyway, I think you will be touched by this post.

(Well, the link is not coming up so just go to this address and read Ann's post on how to prepare for Christmas)

We are having a sick week at our home. Our three youngest girls have been EXTREMELY ill. Abbie Joy ended up in the emergency room late Sunday night. It was the croup, and she is breathing better now. There has been a lot of fussing, crying, coughing and gagging going on. We are praying that all will be well by Christmas. Annagrace told me this morning that she hopes she is well by Christmas or she won't get to eat our traditional cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I love it that she is thinking ahead to our traditions. I love family traditions! Merry Christmas!

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