Monday, January 21, 2013

Ordinary Days

I'm just thinking today about all the little moments that make up our busy, wonderful, and often times crazy lives.  Our days can be a jumble of sweet, hectic, frustrating and challenging moments.  Sometimes things seem manageable and sometimes things seem CRAZY.  All in all, however, I know we are very blessed to be living this life with our five precious children and another on the way!  Here are some snippets of what any ordinary day might look for the Adams family (if there is such a thing as an ordinary day ;)

Laundry is an element of our lives kind've like the energizer bunny; it just keeps going and going and going...........I do love the smell of Sweet Blossom and Wildflowers by Snuggle.  It is one of the "happies" in my life.  

Weaved in with the ordinary we sometimes have the special like New Year's Day when we brought our sweet Tali home from the pet adoption.

Then there are those challenges like taking two energetic little ladies shopping!

We cannot forget those moments which make me frown such as discovering a red pen went through the laundry and destroyed several nice clothing items and two pairs of king size sheets.  :(

Then we have the ongoing messes.........that are an everyday time consumer.

AND we have our share of broken glass in the kitchen.

How I love sweet moments like this......Abbie Joy helped me make oatmeal raisin cookies today and was so pleased with her accomplishment!  How I love seeing delight in her eyes!

I cherish seeing the handiwork of my oldest daughters as she enjoys making toys for her siblings.  Recently she made Annagrace a purple purse and Lilly Faith a pink luvy doll.

We have been enjoying many warm meals from our beloved crock pot.  Freezer slow cooker meals are really working out well for our family!  It is so awesome to just grab a ziploc bag of a frozen dinner and  dump the contents in our crock pot in the morning.  It makes dinner time so much easier!

We try to teach children to contribute to the family as we go along.  We do expect chores out of our older children and think it is a good thing for them.  Thankfully at Lilly Faith's age it is exciting to get to help out, and I hope she is learning as she makes attempts to help.   I hope she feels the fulfillment of knowing from an early age that she can contribute to the good of our whole family by helping.  

So our days are filled with these kinds of moments along with many other things.  Sometimes I am so busy and so tired that it becomes a blur.  It helps to stop and think about all the good and the not so good of daily life and remember that we are truly very blessed!  These are some of the best days of our lives, and sometimes we are too busy to realize it.  I know one day we will look back upon all of this with fond memories.  That is one reason I keep writing on this blog as a form of journaling.  I hope as I keep my online journal that others may be encouraged in seeing a not so perfect family keep striving to do better for the glory of God.  

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