Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures in Kansas CIty

Life has been rolling on at a very busy pace here in Kansas City.  I have been taking the children on daily outings while Matt has been working each day.  The weekend provided some nice family time.  We enjoyed visiting the World War I Museum on Saturday.  Then on Sunday we found a small family integrated church where we went and were able to be strengthened by being with fellow believers and hearing the Word preached.  
After church we decided to take a impromptu visit to the Kansas City zoo.  The weather was pleasant, and it was super great to get outdoors and breathe in fresh air and feel the sunshine.  
One day this past week the children and I drove about two hours to Jamesport, where we visited an Amish community.  It was the first time the children saw real horse and buggies, and they had fun counting them while we were there.  Lauren bought an Amish made basket, and we all enjoyed shopping in a large Amish furniture, quilt and christian bookstore.  

Today we visited the Steamboat Arabia Museum.  It was a neat experience learning about this steamboat that sunk and later was found.  It was amazing to see all the beautiful treasure that was found in that boat that had been buried under mud for well over a century.  

We also had a time this afternoon when our room was being cleaned, and we had to find somewhere to go.  We ended up in this raquetball room.  The children just ran and made lots of noise and had a grand time.  It was amazing to see just how much energy they had to run off.  :)  I sat in the corner and marveled at how energetic these five young people are!

Another day we visited this outlet center.  It was really cold, but the children enjoyed our lunch at the Dinosaur Cafe.  It was a lot like Rain Forest Cafe under the same ownership.

One day we visited Sea Life Aquarium.

On Sunday we woke up to this sight.  Weather predictions say we could see more of this before leaving here.

Here is one last picture from our trip to the steam boat today.  

We also are spending a fair share of time in the reading corner.  This is where I sit and read a devotional to the children after breakfast each morning.  This is also where I usually sit and read stories at the end of the day.  Sometimes Annagrace and I sit here and work on her reading lessons.  This picture was taken before church last Sunday.  My three youngest enjoyed looking at books, and I thought it was a cute moment to capture with a picture.

We will probably have a couple more days of outings before we start heading back home.  These days have been exhausting and yet special.  When we are home we do not go out everyday, and so it has been tiring.  I am trying to remember, however, that these are special opportunities to spend quality time learning and creating memories with the children.  The Lord opened the door for us to be here spending time with our daddy, and I am grateful He has also provided many enriching experiences for us while here.  The Lord has also sustained us in our health and given this pregnant Mama the sustaining strength to keep going even when tired.  I pray my children are also learning a lot about pulling together, working as a family team, and caring for the needs of one another.  

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