Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Month Old Angel Baby!

Abigail Joy is three months old today. Where has the time gone? She is getting so big. When I took her for her last check up she was in the ninetieth percentile in everything. She is a growing girl!!! She has been an absolute delight to our whole family. After having four babies, with four different personalities, we have to say Abbie Joy is the angel baby the books refer to. She is the sweetest, easiest going thing we've ever seen. She rarely fusses unless she is hungry or is in need of a diaper change. She just sits, smiles, and coos a great deal of the time. She is the first baby we've been able to schedule from the very get go. She is like a little clock that predictably wakes every three hours for her next feeding. Matt and I are so thankful to the Lord for His mercies in giving us such an easy baby the fourth time around. We ask ourselves if it is all her personality, which it mostly is, but we also have to admit we've learned a few things as parents too. This time around we feel like we really know what we're doing so much more. Isn't it amazing how parenting changes us and teaches us much we never knew? I believe God gives us children fully intending them to grow us, stretch us, and prune us like nothing else can. I'm just thankful He doesn't expect us to do this huge task called parenting in our own strength. His plan is to lend us these blessings, and He wants us to be His instruments in raising them. He wants to raise them through parents who are willing to be empty vessels. Well, those are some of my thoughts today on our sweet baby girl and on what I am learning as a mommy. Thank you, Lord, for giving us this DREAM BABY who is fitting into our family so well. Please help us to be faithful to teach her Your ways and point her to you. Amen


  1. Ruth, I can't believe Abigail is 3 mos. either. I'm so thankful she is such a good baby. What a blessing! Your blog is wonderful and I have enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about the children. They are precious! Maggie

  2. Ruth, she is beautiful! They sure grow up fast! She is so blessed to have you as her mother.