Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Lollipop Is Eight Years Old!!!

How can it be that my firstborn is eight years old??? Lauren had a special birthday with her family yesterday. It really dawned on me how much she is growing up when I put eight candles on the cake. I am very thankful for the pure, sweet, sincere heart Lauren has. She is blossoming into a helpful and wise young lady. I was touched by her kindness yesterday when she emptied the dishwasher on her own without being asked. She just took the initiative and on her birthday!!! The Lord has given her a very sincere heart and much wisdom about the truth of His Word. Lauren is truly a blessing to our family, and we thank the Lord for giving her to us.


  1. Hi Ruth-they sure grow up fast don't they? My oldest will be 10 next month! Its so hard to believe. How wonderful that Lauren has such a kind heart and unloaded the dishwasher on her birthday--what a blessing she must be to you. Have a great day!