Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Funny Things They Say...............

Yesterday Lauren and Annagrace said funny things I need to document so I don't forget. Having four children I tend to forget a lot of those funny moments, so I need to be blogging them so I can look back and remember. :)
Lauren was working in the kitchen and noticed a roll of paper towels that had chili peppers on it. Being the perceptive girl that she is she asked me why I had bought towels with chilis on them. You see, she knows her Mama typically gravitates to towels with flowers, tea cups, coffee mugs, bistro tables, etc. I told her that the roll was a part of a package, and that is why I had towels with chili peppers. Well, her response was, "I'm not so sure they are cute." I thought that was hysterical. The paper towels were not cute. Maybe she is developing her Mama's taste.

Secondly, I was pushing Annagrace and Abigail in the stroller last night. I told Annagrace that I had been missing her and praying for her while she was away at her Grandmother's. She thought about that and then said that she did not want to go in the clouds and look for Jesus. I guess my words about prayer made her think about Jesus. She knows He is in heaven, and so that is what was clicking in her little mind. It made me think about how important it is that I am teaching her truth so that she is processing things and building a solid foundation for her faith to rest upon. I guess she is slowly piecing things about God together in her little mind and this is where her development is at this stage. I pray for her that she will come to a fuller understanding and receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

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  1. Cute stories. We had funny one at home recently. Brad was doing Bible time with the boys and they learned the word purification. Caleb, (who loves long words), tells Noah at night: "Noah, you need to go and purificate your toys. They are all over the living room floor!"