Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Curriculum

Some weeks back I received our order of home schooling books for this year. The UPS man delivered a HUGE box, and it felt like christmas as I poured over our new books. We are trying a new program called My Father's World this year. I have been hearing about it for years with rave reviews. After hearing the author speak on a cd Matt and I both felt we should give this curriculum a try. The curriculum is a combination of different approaches i.e. classical, literature based, Charlotte Mason, chronological, etc. I will be doing a study of Geography with all the children and then a first grade program with just Gabriel. His study will be wrapped around an overview of the Bible while making sure his foundations in phonics and writing are solid. I am very encouraged about this program and excited to get it started. Hopefully I can blog about some of what we are learning. The children and I will be taking an imaginary trip around the world learning about different cultures and missions work being done in various parts of the world. Part of the program involves reading missionary biographies set in some of the countries we study. As usual I am sure Mama will be learning right along with the children. That is one of the beauties of home schooling.

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