Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Little Miss Patty Cake

Annagrace recently became the recipient of a very cute little dress. It is a Miss Patty Cake dress that belonged to our sweet friend Ella. This is very special as it came from a dear friend, and Annagrace adores Miss Patty Cake. She likes to put it on and run around the house saying, My Friends are Here! That is a line Miss Patty Cake uses on her video.

We put on the video so that Annagrace could enjoy the movie and dress at the same time. Even Abbie Joy got in on the action marching around the room with Annagrace.

This new dress made Annagrace's day! Thank you, Ella! You are so special to Annagrace and all of us!

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  1. Hi Ruth, beautiful kids, beautiful blog, and great mom they have!
    See you in March, hope your pregnancy is going fine.