Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Seamstress in Training

Lauren has had a burning desire to learn to sew for some time. She loves anything she can make with her hands. She is definitely a very crafty girl. So, we recently attempted a very simple skirt, and she did a fantastic job on it. She enjoyed wearing it to Classical Conversations to show for her presentation and also for her daddy when he came home from a recent trip to Germany.

The pattern we used was a learn to sew pattern made especially for young girls. There was only one pattern piece. We just sewed up the side seams, put in a waste band, and hemmed it. Lauren picked out her own fabric. I thought she made a nice choice. The sear sucker material comes out of the dryer without even needing to be ironed.

I remember when I made my first skirt with my mother's help. It was a red calico print. I remember how proud I felt to wear it to church the next Sunday. It was special to see Lauren have the same joy in her accomplishment. Hopefully this will be one of many skirts to come from my budding seamstress. :)


  1. way to go LAUREN!!! I see remember her as a little one year old, so I can't believe how grown up she looks here. Maybe she can teach me to sew. :)

  2. What a beautiful skirt! I need some lessons too!