Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Thankful for This Girl!

This picture was taken several weeks back, but my baby girl is less than a month away from her first birthday! WHERE has this year gone to? The Lord has blessed us so much. I just have to say I totally HEART this little girl. She is so gentle and sweet. I am so thankful that the Lord has kept little babies in my life for over ten years now. As a little girl it was my dream to have a baby, and here I find myself having had five babies in the past ten years. The Lord has been good.
My baby girl is holding onto things and letting go and taking some steps holding my hand. She is getting strong on her legs. She likes to play patty cake and peek a boo. She also gets a lot of amusement from watching all the carrying ons of her siblings. She says Da Da and Ma Ma and brings lots of joy to our family. How my heart LOVES this precious gift from the Lord.
Looking back and remembering how early on in my pregnancy we thought we had lost her. The doctor said things were not looking good. Having been through a previous miscarriage we were certain that was the path we were going down again. How grateful I am that the Lord surprised us with a turn around in blood tests and allowed the pregnancy to carry on giving us another precious daughter.

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