Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Father Abraham!!!

Tonight we were driving back from Lauren's piano lesson when Miss Abigail Joy pipes up from row three of the passenger van. "Mama, watch me" "Mama, I show you something." At this point she started singing, "Many Sons.....Many Sons Had Faawwther Abwaham." It was hilarious to me, because I have memories of singing that as a little girl growing up and of teaching that song to children at church, etc. I asked Abbie Joy where she learned that song. " I learn that at church." To her it was something totally new and exciting, and to me it is something as old as her Mama. I don't remember not knowing that song! Wow, we have sure come full circle here. I really never expected her to bust out with that song; she just totally took me off guard, and the laugh was good for me. Then we drove home with me entertaining her by singing all verses while swinging my arms and stomping my feet WHILE DRIVING. Yes, I was careful. :)

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