Thursday, May 31, 2012

Manuals Binder

One thing I have been learning, over the past few years, is that you cannot have a large family, homeschool, and have a clean house without simplicity and organization. I confess I am not naturally super organized. Now I LOVE organization, but it is not always easy for me to pull off. So, I have been working on these matters. For one thing I have been purging our house, for the past few years, of unnecessary clutter. It feels really good to get rid of things, and I never miss the things I get rid of. Also, I am slowly implementing ideas I see online for running a more orderly household. My manuals binder is one of those ideas. I took a LARGE binder and divided it up into categories such as kitchen, office, family room, kids things, bedroom, school area, etc. Then I put in page protectors and slipped in manuals for appliances throughout the house. Now if I need the manual for the washing machine I can find it in a jiffy. I am really liking this new way of keeping all of these manuals in one spot where I can easily find them.

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