Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Classical Conversations Begins Again

Last Friday we started a once a week home school program called Classical Conversations. The kids and I attend every Friday for a once a week learning with others experience. The kids are studying ancient history, latin, math facts, science experiments, art, music and more. In the afternoons the older children participate in p.e. and art while Annagrace goes into a toddler class that Mommy is teaching with the theme of the Fruits of the Spirit. Annagrace enjoys having her own back pack just like Lauren and Gabriel.


  1. What is Classical conversations like?

  2. J,
    We like Classical Conversations. It is a good time for us to be in community with other home schooling friends. The kids have a good day of memory work in history sentences, English grammar, math facts, Latin, geography, etc. They also get p.e., art, and book time in the afternoons. We are doing our own thing (My Father's World) at home, however, we spend a few minutes every morning going over the memory work for CC on Fridays. The kids get a lot of good exposure to things at CC and also get to do science experiments. Another thing is that the kids have to give weekly presentations which helps them develop speaking skills and courage to be up in front of others. I hope that helps. :)