Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Report

We are wrapping up week two of our home school this week. It has been a very intense but good two weeks. We are doing work boxes this year which have truly revolutionized our home school days. I began learning about the work box system in the last few months and have done a lot of research online about it. The system was developed by Sue Patrick and has taken the home schooling blogosphere by storm. I am on a yahoo group that shares many wonderful ideas about how to implement this system and creatively fill the boxes each day. The boxes are helping my little students learn how to manage their schedule and keep moving from one activity to the next. It has also helped a great deal to have all supplies placed in the boxes ahead of time. We are getting much more work accomplished than ever before. I am posting some pictures of our meet the teacher night, our work boxes and also some of our first day of school activities. Please notice Abbie Joy studying the time line book. It is hysterical. She likes to crawl over to the book and flip through the pictures. People ask me about when I start schooling the children; as you can see the schooling starts right away. ;) Seriously, the babies just pick up tons of stuff from absorbing what they hear the older children learning. Annagrace is enjoying her own work boxes filled with file folder games, puzzles, simple activity sheets, and read alouds with Mommy. I am impressed with how well she is doing with moving her velcro numbers and placing them on her boxes as she goes through them one by one.


  1. And my friend, you forgot to mention, you are all working on top of that beautiful wood floors. It looks great! : )

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