Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gabriel's Presentation

Each Friday at Classical Conversations the children have to give a presentation to their class. It is really fun to see them up in front of everyone and how they handle the situation. This past week Gabriel was supposed to give a presentation on one of his favorite Bible stories. So, we pulled out the flannel graph set and he decided to do the story of baby Jesus. I got to sit in on his class and see his presentation. He couldn't quite remember how the angel's visit to Joseph went but fully recovered his thoughts on the journey to Bethlehem. Pretty cute. :) They have been trained to always start with, "Hello, my name is and today my presentation is about......" Then at the end they close with, "Thank you for listening to my presentation; are there any questions?" The questions the other kids come up with can be very cute too. It is good training for speaking later in life. I am glad they have this opportunity.

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome opportunity! I may start this with my own kids with our family members. What a cool idea.
    Lori in Michigan :)