Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

Jess, over at, gave me the idea to do a recap of the week sharing any seven items I fancy. I have been wanting to try this even though I am not sure how faithful I will be to post each weekend. It is worth a try though. :)

  • On Friday Lauren yells the dreaded words, "SNAKE!" I checked it out from a distance and discovered that yes indeed there WAS a real live snake on the side of the garage very near our house. Matt found and killed another yesterday. May the Lord protect us is all I can say. My nerves are a bit frazzled over the matter.
  • Fall weather has finally made an appearance here in Texas, and we are Very Much enjoying it!!!
  • Today we had our family picture taken at church for an upcoming directory. I won't bore you with the details of how much work it took to match everone's clothes, socks, hair bows....let it suffice to say that it was a LOT of work finding all the matching this and that. Well, we barely made it to church on time, and when it was time to pose for the picture Gabriel was sticking his tongue out with Annagrace following suit. After several shots someone was nice enough to let us know, so then we tried again. Well, none of the pics came out good. This means that we have to wash and iron the clothes and then try again at another time. Hmmm I hope he learned his lesson. Daddy and Mama were NOT happy.
  • We finished our third week of school last week. It is chaotic with the little bitties, but overall I think it is going well.
  • I love a bargain, and I love smocked dresses. Today I found a dress for Lauren that normally costs 132.99. It was the last one, and I paid 26.00. That is still more than I typically spend on a dress for her, but I thought over a hundred dollars off was hard to turn down. It is beautiful.
  • This cooler weather has motivated me towards making soups, chili, fall breads, etc. I stocked up on ingredients to make winter foods and am going to try to start with chili tomorrow.
  • Annagrace turned four yesterday. She enjoyed a small party at home with a Strawberry Short Cake theme. Since she turned four she now gets to go to Children's Worship training at our church and a Sunday school for her age. Before she was just in the nursery. She came out very excited and telling us all about what she did. I am so happy that she is excited about it. She also gets to attend big church with us for the singing before the sermon. It is nice to have her worshipping with us.
Well, that is a recap of some of our happenings this past week. Perhaps I will do a seven quick takes from time to time. Have a great week, everyone!

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