Monday, April 25, 2011

A Sad Story

Our Daddy brought home some baby chicks a few weeks back, and the children were ecstatic! There were four, so Lauren, Gabriel, Annagrace, and Abbie Joy quickly claimed and named one to be their very own. We have been carefully nurturing these little fluff balls and watching them grow. It has been a big priority to make sure they were carefully kept out of the reach of the cat. Unfortunately, we do not know how, the barrier separating the cat from the chicks was moved a bit allowing just enough room for the cat to get into the chick's lodging space. Much to our grief two of the chicks are no more. Our sweet cat made dinner out of Lauren and Annagrace's chicks. Let me suffice it to say that there were many tears at our house last Saturday. On a happier note, our Daddy is planning to get new chicks when they become available at the feed store again. Hopefully that will be Wednesday morning.

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