Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Surprise Cake

As I have been sharing in the last few posts, Lauren and I enjoyed a special birthday trip to the American Girl Doll store in Dallas. I had made prior reservations with the Bistro to give her the surprise birthday celebration. The waitresses came out and sang to her and delivered a real cake. They also gave her a gift sack with a t shirt for her doll and a plastic balloon for her doll to hold. It was so fun to see her surprise.
After eating we went to the doll hair salon. The line was LONG, but we finally got Samantha's hair styled. We also had Samantha's ears pierced. We concluded our trip by shopping. Lauren had been saving her money and earning extra money by odd jobs around the house and also for memorizing Scripture. The choices were hard as to what to buy. You would not even BELIEVE all the accessories and clothes etc. I hope it will be a trip she will always remember. It was a special time.
One other thing we really enjoyed about our trip was listening to some Focus on the Family Radio dramas on the trip there and back. That was a surprise for her as well. On our way I pulled out the cd dramatization of Anne of Green Gables. We laughed a lot listening to that. Then on the way back I pulled out the dramatization of the Hiding Place about Corrie Ten Boon. That story was much more sobering and extremely inspiring. She has listened to the cds over and over since returning home. I just love good resources like that which inspire greatness in my children. I love for them to learn about great heroes of the faith such as Corrie Ten Boon and missionary stories. We have found that stories on cd are a very effective way for our children to learn.

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