Monday, July 25, 2011

Love These Stair Steps!

Here are Seven Quick Takes just for fun:

1. I just love seeing my little stair step girls playing together. It is so much fun having three so close in age. They all love playing babies, house, and hearing stories.

2. Today we officially finished reading our My Father's World history for this school year. We school year around, but we wrapped up the Rome to the Reformation history cycle that we have been on. Next school year's cycle will take us into early American history.

3. I came across this quote from Martin Luther that I thought was powerful. "God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us."

4. Yesterday we came home from church to find that our Mama kitty had delivered ANOTHER litter of kittens. She had six kitties again all along the same color spectrum as last time. They range from a peachy color to orange. When we got home the children discovered them. They were still wet, so they were very new. Today I noticed that they all have umbilical cords. New life is just an incredible miracle that never ceases to amaze me. Speaking of new life, I finally watched Lilly Faith's birth on video this past week. Can I say it brought tears to my eyes? What a precious gift she has been to us!

5. Lilly Faith is taking baby steps. She is just adorable to watch. She has been using every kind of step stool, toy car, bench, etc. that she can find to push around the house. She smiles when we carry on over her efforts to walk.

6. Over the summer I have been doing a study with the children highlighting different character traits we want to embrace as a family. We focus on one trait each week. This week we are talking about being content and not coveting what others have. These character building lessons have been convicting to my own heart as I try to disciple my children.

7. Have you ever changed your phone number and then changed it back to the original number? Well, that is exactly what we did this week. I'm telling you there is never a dull moment out here. We changed to get better internet service, but after changing the phone we were informed that the new company could not provide us with internet service. They had signed us up for it but then changed what they originally told us. So, we are currently down to only one working phone in the house until some wires are rearranged. Isn't that crazy??? Yea, life is crazy sometimes but we have a lot to be thankful for.

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