Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last weekend was crazy busy! We spent all day Saturday driving across town to get family photos taken and then drove some more to drive by and look at a house we saw online. Then we stopped for fast food on the way home. Then it was back home, get the children ready for bed and try to get some sleep. Then the next morning was the one hour drive to church and driving by another house on the way home. Finally, Sunday evening Abbie Joy and I went and picked up pizza while Lauren stayed home and decorated the dining room to celebrate Abbie Joy's fourth birthday. Whew! It was pretty much EXHAUSTING, but our pictures turned out great, church was uplifting, and Abbie Joy enjoyed her birthday party. She wanted a butterfly theme party, and I found super cheap party goods at Walmart that said princess and butterfly. Perfect for Abbie Joy! Abbie Joy has always had this exuberant joy about her and humor that cracks us all up. She is articulate and asks the most sincere, honest questions that can be hilarious. She speaks exactly what she is thinking, and sometimes I just wonder where in the world she comes up with all her thoughts. Today we were driving along the freeway when she announces that she "saw a man driving in his car.....he was not smiling.......his children died so he was driving by himself.......he was sad so he was not smiling."
This whole story was made up in her head, but she was very matter of fact about it. Abbie Joy has a smile that just lights me up inside. She LOVES to play baby dolls with Lilly Faith and likes girly things like dress up and princesses. She has a strong spirit and yet is very sensitive. As forceful as she can be about having her way I have also noticed that she is sensitive and can easily have her feelings hurt. She is a bundle of dynamite, full of life, and I know the Lord wants to use her passion for His kingdom purposes. I pray for all of my children that they will be kingdom minded and love the Lord more than they love themselves.

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