Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reading Glasses and Headaches

Lauren went for an eye exam recently, and we decided that reading glasses would help lift some strain from her eyes. This girl reads like crazy, and the doctor said her eyes have to work a littler harder than others who don't need reading glasses. She has struggled with occasional headaches over the past few years, and we have wondered if it could be related to her eyes. So, we are trying reading glasses and hoping that it will alleviate the headaches. Now to the fun part of the story, she got Vera Bradley's! So fun! The reason I bought my eleven year old Vera's is because we were doing a buy one get one free and I was purchasing Vera's for myself. :) Last September I flew to the True Woman conference in Indianapolis, and unfortunately I lost my glasses on the plane ride home. So, since I was replacing mine she got a pair for free. She picked some in that aqua blue color that she adores. I have to say she is very cute in them. Last Sunday we were on our row in church, and Matt and I looked over at her wearing her glasses singing out of her hymnal. We looked at each other and smiled. She looked all grown up and distinguished. She just wears them for reading and computer work and hopefully we can say goodbye to the terrible headaches. :)

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  1. Beautiful! It's amazing how fast they grow and it's even more amazing to see how the Lord is growing her into a woman after His own heart :)