Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven Quick Takes for This Week

  • This has been a busy week! We had the great joy of becoming Uncle and Aunt to my brother and sister in law's first baby. Emma Kate was born on Tuesday, and I have to say she is just a doll. We are already in love with her.

  • Lilly Faith is now the proud new owner of a Wubbanub. I had never seen these precious paci holders. Thank you, Uncle John, for this precious gift to Lilly Faith. :)

  • Annagrace was taking care of her baby sister. You can see she made sure she had plenty of blankets and toys. :)

  • I cannot believe my baby brother is a Daddy! The children and I went to Build A Bear and made this pink bear for Emma Kate. They all helped with the process. John has brought most of my children Build A Bears when they were born. It was special to be the one to take his little angel a Build A Bear.

  • As you can see Lilly Faith is definitely thinking about crawling. She rolls around and pushes up on her arms but has not yet gotten up on her legs. See those cute shoes she is wearing? We went in a store yesterday, and she lost one. ): Socks and shoes are such a challenge in our household. Someone is always losing or outgrowing them.
  • The children and I are studying Rome to the Reformation in school this year. Last week we finished up our study of Rome and are about to move towards the Middle Ages.
  • Yesterday I saw a plaque I liked. It said, "Never confuse the opinion of the majority for the will of God." How careful we must be to seek God in everything and not just go with the flow around us.

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