Saturday, January 15, 2011

Six Months

This is Lilly Faith's six month picture. It is not the best as we were running out the door and in a hurry. She is now six months and precious in every way! We did not give her any food until she turned six months. That is different from what we did with some of the others. Maybe we were just too busy to think about it. Nonetheless she is now eating cheerios and some rice cereal. We will be adding more new delicacies by and by. She is not crawling but is pushing up on her arms. She definitely gets around by rolling on the floor. She is very observant and loves for people to talk to her. She has two bottom teeth that I think are just adorable. :) One reason I think she may not be crawling yet is because our whole downstairs is tile flooring. She has not had as much tummy time because of that. She does have floor time when we are upstairs though. We have a shaggy sort of carpet, and she likes to feel the texture. It is so fun to watch her grow and discover things. Well, that is the Lilly Faith six month update. Come back later for the seventh month report. :)

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