Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. This past week I tried making baked oatmeal, and the children gobbled it down. One batch lasted us for two mornings. This is saying a lot that ALL my children liked it. I have some picky eaters, and finding things that make everyone happy is a real mission accomplished.

2. Matt was able to download a ton of Nancy Leigh DeMoss podcasts onto my phone. I try to redeem my time in the car by listening to things that point me to the Lord.

3. Today was beautiful. The kiddos enjoyed getting in the mud in our back property. Daddy was filling in a big hole, and the kiddos helped him by playing in the mud surrounding the project.

4. We finished Volume One of the Mystery of History and began Volume Two. I absolutely LOVE this chronological, Biblically based history curriculum. It shows God's hand working through all the events of history from the beginning in Genesis to the present day.

5. This week we are going to try having a Prayer Focus chart for the week. I have written the days of the week on our chalk board door in the kitchen. Each day we are going to focus on one area of prayer such as praying for family, country, church, etc.

6. I recently purchased a small trash can with a flip lid. I put it in our van, and it has been soooo incredibly helpful. I now have a place to put trash in the vehicle. The can has a canister that you pull out and empty. Then the canister goes back inside the trash can. It is about the size of a paint can and has helped so much. It is amazing how one little investment can impact family functionality in such a huge way. I LOVE my trash can. :)

7. I am currently reading the book "Large Family Logistics" for the second time. This book is fabulous. There are many practical ideas for organizing, structuring, and living out daily life in a large family. Although it is created to help large families I think any family could glean from it. In fact I wish I had been learning these things when I was starting out as a new bride. This book is one of the most practical books I have ever read on managing home and family.

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