Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fun Little Workbooks

We recently started Annagrace and Abbie Joy on some fun little workbooks. The artwork in the books would suggest that they originate with the Amish or Mennonite people. They are simply illustrated with themes such as indoor and outdoor work. The activities have been fun such as learning how a place setting goes, matching, coloring, beginning writing, etc. I like the simplicity of the pages, and since I love all things Amish they are attractive to me. :) Annagrace was happy to finish her first book this week.
One funny thing to note is that Abbie Joy's book directs her to color different pages different colors. Basically there is a color focus for different pages. If you thumb through her book you will see that she is VERY partial to the color pink. At times I was able to convince her to try another color, but pink is her color of choice even if the whole page is supposed to be yellow.

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  1. Hello Ruth!

    Thank you very much for visiting and commenting on our blog; also for the wonderful conversation last Sunday, I was so encouraged by your words and was so happy to meet another kindred spirit.

    I believe I gave you my email address, I'd love to keep up with you that way and/or on FB.