Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mixing Bowls and Sticker Fun

Recently I was mixing up some cake mix and allowed Lilly Faith to assist me. She loved the opportunity and loved the cake mix batter! In fact I was able to hide some of her medicine in the cake mix which was so helpful. I think I am including my little ones in my work more than ever before. They love to help, and even though it takes me a little more time they are being trained and developing a love for the home arts. Not to mention it is just time invested in them that makes them feel important.
Also, Abbie Joy has recently been enjoying making pictures with a page of stickers. She was so meticulous about putting all these little stickers on her paper. Since we are going through a lot of stickers it is important to find a good deal on them. I often find whole sticker books at Michael's for a dollar, and of course a coupon brings them down even cheaper. Those are two activities my girls have enjoyed in recent days.


  1. My youngest--16 months--has just become enamored with stickers too, and I have found that bringing sheets of stickers that I buy at The Dollar Tree to church for her to play with is a great way to keep her occupied and quiet for the majority of the service. What a lifesaver stickers are! I also like to include my girls in the cooking process. I think it's great to get them off to the right start in the kitchen so that when they're grown, hopefully, they'll be self-sufficient in that area at least.

  2. Keri,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, stickers are proving very helpful! I even used them at the pediatrician's office to keep her from running around touching everything. She sat on my lap, and we put sticker after sticker on her paper. :)