Monday, January 18, 2016

A Birth Story of God's Faithfulness Part One

As I shared in my last post I have a desire to share our testimony about the birth of our daughter Ella Ruth and my health crisis following her birth.  I want to share the incredible greatness of our Lord through this journey.  I know most of our friends and family shared our journey on Facebook, but I want to share in more detail about the emotions I have had and the special ways the Lord has carried us through this deep valley.  I find myself so grateful for my renewed health and sometimes just saying, "Thank you, Lord" when I remember just how pathetically helpless I was.  I am still processing everything that happened.  In fact it is hard for me to even believe everything that happened.  I feel like writing about it will help me as well as be a written history for future generations to read.
  To start with we went into the hospital early on the morning of August 27, 2015 for a scheduled version and induction.  We knew our Ella Ruth was transverse, and we were very hopeful that she could be turned manually through a version.

That morning I was given an epidural which never worked properly.  It did help numb some of the pain but not like my previous epidurals.  I kept commenting that I was far from being completely numb, and so I was given more and more medicine throughout the morning.  My doctor and her assistant brought in an ultrasound machine and manually maneuvered my belly until Ella Ruth was head down.  I was induced and thought we would likely have a normal birth.  According to God's plan that is not how it played out.......Ella Ruth went back into a transverse position, and my doctor recommended a caesarean.  She said we had a window of time where things were not yet dangerous, but if we delayed things could become risky.  I was scared as I had never had a caesarean.  All of my previous six births went smoothly, and I never really imagined that I would ever need a caesarean until I was informed that Ella Ruth was transverse and it was a possibility.  Now that Matt and I were faced with this decision it felt surreal and scary.  I still was not fully numb from the epidural, but I was quickly asked to remove all jewelry and was wheeled to the operating room.  The situation had become very stressful and things began happening very fast.  To be continued...............................

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