Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Birth Story of God's Faithfulness Part Two

Last Sunday morning we sang "How Firm A Foundation" in church.  I was reminded of what a firm foundation I have in knowing Christ my Lord.  Here are some of the lyrics:

When through fiery trials thy pathways shall lie,
My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply;
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine.

In looking back at Ella Ruth's birth I am humbled by the grace of God that was all-sufficient in our trial.  The story of her birth followed by my critical health crisis has created more history with my Lord.  I will forever look back and remember how He was with us, how He answered so many prayers, and how He was my great physician.  Though we never want to go through trials, our faith is often greatly strengthened through them as we see Him do what we cannot do for ourselves.  

  This picture was taken the night before we went to the hospital for Ella Ruth's version/induction.  When we took this picture I was unaware just how much my life would be forever changed by the events starting the next morning.  

So to pick up where we left off last time, after we decided the caesarean was needed I was quickly wheeled to the operating room.  I remember the abrupt change of atmosphere and all the medical staff that suddenly appeared.  I was freezing and shaking uncontrollably.  I remember a man asking me if I could feel as he pushed a needle on my skin.  I still was not fully numb, and I told him yes I could feel it.  He asked if it was like a stick or like pressure.  When I told him it was like a stick he said that I could have a spinal tap or that they could put me to sleep.  I was already so cold, nervous and shaky that I told them that I wanted to go to sleep.  I did not realize it at the time but that meant that Matt would not be allowed in the room.  He had to wait in the hall in his scrubs.  I remember looking around and being scared and just how freezing cold I was.  This was not a peaceful moment; I was in unfamiliar territory and things were happening fast.  Matt had his own fears and emotions waiting in the hall.  His wife was being cut open, and he couldn't see as his baby was delivered.  He said there were a lot of people going in and out of the operating room, and it was difficult to be in the hall not knowing what was happening.  After being put to sleep my next memory is of a precious bundle of sweetness being placed by my face.  

Matt was able to bring Ella Ruth to meet me while I was in recovery.  I had some kind of blow up heating blankets on me, and I can recall going in and out of sleep for some time.  I do remember, however, the sweetness of realizing my baby was beside me.  That is how I met her.  With my other births the babies were put into my arms following delivery while I savored the first moments of new life.  This time I don't even know how long it had been when I was able to first feel Ella Ruth next to me.   Unbeknownst to me this would be just the start of so many things being different with the birth and recovery of baby number seven.  

At this point Matt and I were ready to move forward and enjoy our new blessing, but we had no idea of the crisis that was just around the corner.

To be continued...........

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  1. That was a bitter sweet moment. I heard Ella Ruth before I saw her and I completely lost it waiting in the hall. There was so much commotion and nobody would tell me anything. I was very scared that something may be going wrong. Finally they wheeled out a beautiful baby girl and I was overwhelmed. I spent a few minutes in the nursery with her and then went back to the OR waiting area. Had to wait at least another 30 minutes before they brought you out. They they brought the baby to us because she needed to eat. You were in and out of consciousness. None of our babies have been bottle fed, but you were so out of it I had to ask the nursery to take the baby and feed her.