Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Lauren!

It is really hard to believe, but Lauren turned eleven years old last Friday. Eleven just sounds so old and how could it have been that long already??? I remember eagerly awaiting the birth of my first baby and taking care of her in our small apartment, etc. How has this happened so fast? Well, try as we may we can't slow down the clock. It seems to be moving faster and faster. We had a fun celebration for Lauren with a zebra print theme. I am posting pictures of some of her gifts. The picture of Annagrace and the horse touches my heart. Annagrace sacrificially gave her big sister one of her own toys that she knew that Lauren liked. Also, Lauren received some clothes this year, and she was actually excited about it. :) We have never given her clothes as a gift, but she is getting to that age. My how things are changing. Another thing we did on Lauren's birthday is I let the three oldest children watch the movie Courageous with me during nap time. Lauren had not seen it and really wanted to watch it. If you have not seen that movie by all means it is a must see. Just make sure you have some tissues nearby. It is powerful though. Happy Birthday, Lauren!

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  1. So sweet and what a beautiful party for a beautiful young lady! I also can't believe how fast time flies but am thankful that God allows us to recall sweet memories with our firstborn babies :)