Monday, March 26, 2012

Swimming Lessons 2012

We have been taking swimming lessons at the Houston Swim Club for several years now. We usually go for an initial two week everyday session and have sometimes continued for awhile after that. We do not go through the summer or year round. We just take some lessons to give us a jump start before summer. I know my children would progress much faster if we went year round, but it has been exciting to see them improve from year to year. Lauren is a strong swimmer now and is just continuing to work up through the levels and different strokes. Each year it seems that I am either pregnant, bringing a new baby or putting a new swimmer in the water. This year Abbie Joy is our new swimmer. She was very excited to join the ranks of the big kids in our family . We have a problem though. She told me tonight, "Would I please tell her teacher that she does not know how to blow bubbles?" This was pretty funny coming from a three year old. She had thought it through and decided that Mama should just have a chat with him. When I explained that none of her classmates knew how to blow bubbles but they were there to learn.......the teacher would teach them....etc........she started crying. She cried and worried and worked herself up about it at bedtime of course. We finally just turned to the Lord and asked Him to give her courage. I have a feeling we may struggle a little over the next few days. Apparently she was not completely comfortable with the lesson today and what was expected of her. I feel confident about a positive outcome, however, because she has the same teacher that has been teaching our children year after year. He does a fantastic job. I have watched him year after year deal with crying children with kind and caring leadership. He is fully in control and yet builds relationship and earns their trust. I am so thankful the Lord allowed Abbie Joy to get this teacher. The Lord knew she was going to be fearful. I think by the end of her two week session she will be very enthusiastic and pleased with her progress.

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