Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still Swimming

Well, we are still living and breathing the Houston Swim Club. We are going to lessons every morning, and it is going pretty well. I have to say that it is so much easier now that Lauren can help keep an eye on a little one if I need to take someone to the potty or to the pool, etc. We have a system that is working pretty well. Each child has all their clean clothes in their own large ziploc bag, and all the wet suits and towels go into an extra large ziploc bag. Any extras like a brush, shampoo, goggles, etc. go in a waterproof bag inside our large duffle bag. Even with all of that organization I have had trouble with all their shoes being handed off to me. Today I told them to stuff all the Crocs and sandals into the pockets on our double stroller. That worked better. Surviving everyday swim lessons has a lot to do with having a plan and a system that everyone understands. We do not do it perfectly, but this year does not seem as chaotic partly because we are doing things very systematically and also because Lauren is older and can help more. When we get home the whole bag of wet laundry goes into the wash and then gets folded and put back in our bag for the next day. Lauren is on the Patch level; you can see her pointing to the certificate on the wall. Also, she had fun today balancing a chip on her finger. If you have been to Houston Swim Club you know that each student is assigned a certain color of chip to identify which teacher/class they go to. Lilly Faith is the only one not taking lessons, but she is really enjoying the table with the blocks and just watching all the commotion. Abbie Joy has had a rough first week. I think there have been tears everyday, but I think she is enjoying it to some degree. She tells me that she had a good lessons, she was nice to Mr. Rudy, and she was kind to Mr. Rudy, and she blew bubbles. :)


  1. Lauren's bathing suit is so cute! I really like it...where did you find that?

  2. Thank you, Kim! I am really excited over this bathing suit. It is really cute, well made, and attractively modest. We ordered it here I will tell her that you like it; that will encourage her. She was super excited about getting it in the mail last week.