Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Word Puzzles

Tonight my hubby came home with a present for me. It was something I had waited years for. I finally entered the world of the iPhone! I have had an apple laptop for years and always wanted an iPhone to sync with it. For one reason or another, either the plan we had or some other reason it never made sense for me to get an iPhone. For sometime now we knew I would get one, but we had to wait until our plan made us eligible for a discount on a new phone. Today was the big day! I am excited because it has a super camera in it, and I can sync my pictures to my laptop so easily. I was amazed how fast they appeared on the laptop with no hassle at all. Well, enough about my new phone but after several years of waiting I am super excited.
Tonight my little girls found excitement in putting together word puzzles. I love to see them get excited about something like this. I am a little sad though as I look at these pictures and see how fast my Annagrace is leaving her preschool years. She is five and will be moving on past preschool before very long. It has been fun having my three littles all working together, but Annagrace is showing signs of growing older. She is sandwiched between my older two and my younger two, so sometimes she is running around trying to be older. At other times she is having fun with the younger two. Oh why do they have to grow so fast? Trying to enjoy the moments while they last.........

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