Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recent Activity

We are very busy this spring. When it is not raining we have enjoyed preparing for some gardening. Annagrace was thrilled when I said we could turn an old sand box into her own garden.
As a family we are trying raised garden boxes from Sam's Club this year. Of course the kiddos thought it great fun to jump around in them as we were preparing things. Lauren and Gabriel were able to help assemble them which was nice.
Lilly Faith will entertain herself with anything. She found an old detergent bottle and had so much fun running around with it. Also, my littles are loving picking gobs of wildflowers, but I am having to teach them to distinguish between wild flowers and those bought for planting.
We have had a lot of rain, so things have been busy indoors too. My trio of little girls found it so fun to put Lilly Faith in a oversized bucket and pull her around the other day. I eventually had to rescue her, but it was a cute moment. I am finding that these munchkins don't even need tons of toys. They will find fun in just about anything. So there you have some of our recent happenings around here. :)

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