Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If Not You......Then Who?

As I started back to homeschooling today I thought a lot about the sacrificial price of mothering and especially spending all day most everyday with my children at home. Sometimes the cost is high and the demands are ceaseless. Even so I am passionate about my calling. I absolutely see God's calling on my life to be working at home, mothering these children, and pouring into them everything I can to point them to the cross and the beauty of the gospel. After all, it is ONLY the gospel that will have any impact upon them for good. I am a vessel, but it is the power of the cross and the working of God that has power to transform their lives. I am praying towards those ends on a regular basis. I see my feebleness, but with God ALL things are possible. He is able to do His good work in their hearts and lives. As for me, I am willing to be used for the glory of God in these children. I am willing to give it my all and live sacrificially. I recently read something that I thought was powerful about a mother's influence. It was written by June Fuentes in her ebook "True Christian Motherhood." I hope you will be encouraged.

"If Not You.....Then Who?"

Christian Mothers, here are a few questions to get our souls stirring....

If you don't sing to your children......who will?
If you don't read to your children......who will?
If you don't teach the Word of God to your children...who will?
If you don't hug your child when they fall......who will?
If you don't teach your daughter the gentler graces of womanhood....who will?
If you don't teach your sons about courageous manhood......who will?
If you don't share the gospel with your children who will.....?

The world will sing your children to sleep with lullabies of narcissism, sensuality, and violence.
The world will read to your children and teach them anti-God philosophies and give them a humanistic education.
The world will teach your children that the Word of God does not matter today, is false, irrelevant and should ultimately be rejected, while all other faiths are to be fully embraced.
The world will hug your child when they fall and teach them that homosexuality is okay.
The world will teach your daughters by showing them to dress and act like prostitutes and drink, do drugs, rebel.
The world will teach your sons to have dirty mouths, drink, do drugs, rebel
The world will share it's gospel with you-that a man can only be saved if he seeks his own rights and comforts, chases after materialism, big toys, vanity, power, and success. Here God does not rule, only shameful man. Deadly sin is not carefully avoided, instead vehemently encouraged, and therefore broken homes, uncontrolled violence, and widespread death reigns. That is their gospel.

Dear Mothers, if not you......then who?

Well, that is a sober excerpt from the above mentioned ebook but so very powerful. I want to, by the sustaining grace of God, be a mother who WILL.

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