Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cub Scouts

We bit off a big commitment with Gabriel this past school year. That commitment is Cub Scouts. I have to say it has been a huge blessing in his life. You see Gabriel has four sisters, and thus all the girl stuff in our home is multiplied four times. One time he complained to me that there are always more girl toys, movies, etc. Matt and I felt it was time to make an intentional effort to do something for him that was just ALL BOY, and Cub Scouts has been the perfect thing. He goes once a week or twice if there is an event like a camp out, Pinewood Derby, Workshop, etc. As much as we want to teach him boyhood/manly skills it is easy to overlook all he needs to be learning without this accountability. The homework has been great to keep us accountable to teach him these skills and character lessons. Recently he has learned some about cooking, built a model car and display, built a Pinewood Derby car from a block of wood, began woodworking skills, and learned about safety precautions. There have been so many great lessons learned already. He is currently working hard to complete his requirements to earn his Bear badge before he is promoted to the next level. He is learning that hard work pays off as he completes these assignments and is awarded along the way. It is so precious to see him in a group of boys all in uniform and having so much fun. This has been such a great opportunity for him. We are so proud of his hard work thus far. In the pictures you can see him showing his model display to his Bear Den and also standing with his group after the police officer spoke about safety.

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