Monday, January 30, 2012

She Loved Dish Washing!

I am always on the lookout for new ways to keep little hands busy around our home. My Abigail is a busy little lady, and she does best when she has something to focus on. If she is not engaged in something she WILL find something to do, and it is not always the most profitable thing for our household. So, I try to keep her busy with learning activities and the like. Well, I have read on other blogs that preschoolers will entertain themselves for awhile if you put them at the kitchen sink and let them play. Honestly I had never tried it; I think I was afraid to. Last week, however, I decided to try. I asked Abbie Joy to wash a pot for me. The results were amazing. She washed and scrubbed that pot for a good time. She took it very seriously. After awhile I traded it for another one and then went on to having her scrub cookie sheets. She did a great job! The beauty of it was that not only was she staying out of trouble, but she was also helping me wash the cooking ware in our kitchen. She even went on to scrubbing the sink. I did have to keep an eye on her as she sometimes made the water spray too hard, and I had to quickly adjust the water pressure before we had a flood in the kitchen. Overall it was a very profitable time of keeping her occupied while getting some dishes cleaned. The best part of all was how great she felt knowing she had helped bless our family. She could not wait to get her Daddy's attention that evening and share the news of what a big helper she had been.


  1. My daughter's name is also Abigail :) and she asks me everyday, "I wash dishes?" I also was apprehensive but let her try this weekend and she did a great job too :) It's a joy to see our children with such servant hearts so young!

  2. Kim,
    I am thinking the training now will pay off big time a few years down the road. :) I did not know you have an Abigail. I obviously love that name. Our little one goes by Abbie Joy most of the time. Have a blessed day!